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20 avril 2010, par b-sider

Born in 1975, lives and works in Oporto.
Formed in construction and technical works he leaves this business in 2005. In 2006 established as a freelance photographer doing mostly works of authorship in the field of documentary photography and art, thus fulfilling his desire to devote himself full time to the research and development of photography that he began to learn in 2002 as a self-taught. In 2006 he is also the winner of the New Talent Photo FNAC with the series ’Against Fire’. In the beginning of 2007 he is invited to be a member of the collective [kameraphoto] where he remains currently developing collective works (exhibitions and books) such as “A State of Affairs” (2009), “450” (2008/2009) and “A Diary of the Republic” (2010). In the same year he was the winner of the 7th Edition of the Photojournalism prize Visao | BES 2007 in the reportage category with a work about the translocation of Sister Lucia to Fatima. He is represented in BESart photography collection. His last solo exhibition took place in [kgaleria] in 2009. His last collective participation was in the exhibition entitled ’ResPublica 1910 e 2010 Face a Face’ of Centro de Arte Moderna/Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in partnership with the national comission for the celebrations of the centenary of the Republic. In 2010 he wins the special category “2009, year of elections” in the first edition of the photojournalism prize in Mora, Portugal.