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19 mai 2010, par b-sider

Claude Dityvon was born at La Rochelle in France and began photography in 1967. He won the Niepce prize in 1970, was cofounder of the VIVA agency in 1972 and has published 20-odd books, albums, catalogues and photo-films. He has exhibited his work in France, in Europe, the United States, Reunion Island, in Brazil, Djibouti and China. He has almost always worked alone. His sources of inspiration are the cinema, particularly silent films and black and white films from the 1950s, poetry, jazz and literature. “Whilst trying to obtain pure images, I also try to give a sense of the marvellous, of beauty even if it is in infinitely small quantities !” Claude Dityvon is dead at the age of 71 on the 3rd of june 2008.