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tilva roš
23 décembre 2010, par bsides

Tilva Roš is a 2010 Serbia coming of age drama following a group of skaters from Bor, a small mining town in eastern part of Serbia, during their first summer after finishing high school.
Nikola Ležaić, writer and director of Tilva Roš, who is also born in Bor got a copy of Crap from his friend, and fell in love with it. He contacted Stefan and Toda and they started hanging out. In that process he decided to make a film based on the video clips Stefan and Toda made, combining them with other real events that happened to them, to him when he was a teenager, and to the town itself, like the union protest that really happened in 2004, and in that way creating a loose fictional plot heavily based on real events. Some stunts recorded for Crap ended up in Tilva Roš. The Script was recognized and awarded by two Serbian film funds in 2008. The production started in July 2009 and it was finished in four weeks.